A full range of advanced services
20 years experience across some of the UK's leading retail brands as well as small PE or VC backed business has enabled us to devlope a wealth of expereince and a variety of techniques and models to deliver the required results from any assignment.

With a clear focus on improving profitability each assignment will typically result in a specific action oriented plan with targets and timescales and will usually be accompanied by a migration of experience and proprietry thinking to leave a lasting impression on any organisation.

Experience & Achievements


B&Q - Customer Director

  • Fomulated and executed a plan to swing EBITDA by £10m in just one year including an 800 basis point improvement in gross margins
  • Created a world class commercial insight tool merging clickstream, transactional and operation data
  • Step changed the operational, commercial and HR processes
  • Created the B&Q club
  • Introduced a world class insight tool delivering immediate benefits
  • Multi-million quick win improvements to the omni-channel execution
  • Launched a set of new concept stores
  • Step change in price and promotions execution including setting up a pricing team

M and M Driect - CEO

Tesco Direct - CEO

  • Doubled EBITDA from £7m to £14m in three years
  • Successfully implemented new warehouse, new WMS and new website
  • Early adopter of segmentation and personalisation
  • Created from scratch an advanced mailing model saving over £1m a year
  • Executed the opening of a one-man warehouse, two-man warehouse, new WMS, new website, new Media Publishing Centre and launched a 100 page catalogue in just one year for less than £15m
  • By introducing collection points in stores we made click and collect from a central warehouse mainstream in the UK
  • Created a Argos clone, but with all of the weaknesses of Argos eradicated

Probikekit - Chairman

  • Formulated a profitability review to reverse a downward profitability trend
  • Instigated propositional improvements
  • Acheived a 4 times return on investment in just 18 months