Omnicommerce Consulting

20 years experience in creating world class capability in the fields of omni-channel and business insight

Since the earliest days of e-commerce and the embryonic use of data wharehouses we have been at the forefront of omni-channel strategy and execution, transforming organisations profitability and creating world class insight.​​

We are ideally placed to help any organisation fine tune their omni-channel startegy, step change their profitabiity, create a legacy of world class insight, make the right aquisitions or prepare a business for sale.

Examples of where we can add value

Profitability Audits

Business Insight Plans

A methodology forged from years of experience in fine tuning businesses to improve profitability, resulting in multi million swings in profitability. We will provide an action orientated plan to improve business profitability whatever the size.
20 years of building leading edge business insight appllications, linking together previously diverse data sources and embeding the resulting commercial insight has now been hugely enhanced by an extensive understanding of the Gartner top quartlie Microsoft Power BI.

Capability enhancement

Ad-hoc Project Work

Whether you are buying or selling businesses, involved in step-change infrastuture projects, need help with your omni-channel strategy or are just looking for an alternative point of view our experience of organsations of all shapes and sizes will allow us to support your needs at the highest level.
There a few, if any, organsiations that can claim to be advanced in every sector and this is especially the case for smaller enterprises. We will help businesses improve their omni-channel skills, business insight execution and general focus on profitablilty by training up indiviuals and teams and passing over years of proprietry knowledge.